ck+ series

Elegance and efficiency for your business
Perfect integration into your existing set-up

All our cash registers are configured to be placed on a table or integrated into your set up, according to your needs. In addition, you can customise your own and find the combinations that best suit your activity.

With Cashkeeper it is possible to free up counter space and boost the layout of the entire establishment by providing a unique, efficient and secure money management system.

APOLO: Efficient, modular and scalable system

apolo cashkeeper


  • Accepts, pays out, recycles and validates coins from € 0.02 euros to € 2
  • Change up to 1,500 coins
  • Cash drawer capacity: 500 coins
  • Coin acceptance speed up to 4 coins/sec.
  • Output speed up to 10 coins/sec.

ZEUS: Peace of mind, security and design for your business


  • Accept, pay, recycle and validate all coins from € 0.01 to € 2
  • Change up to 3,673 coins
  • Coin input speed: 10 coins/second
  • Input capacity (validation): up to 30 mixed coins
  • Output speed: 6 coins/second
  • Output capacity: up to 50 coins

DELTA: Agile, fast and functional system

delta cashkeeper

BANKNOTES (By modules)

  • Banknote bundle acceptance
  • You can insert more than 100 banknotes and add more without having to wait
  • Recycles all denominations
  • 80 banknote recycling capacity
  • Acceptance speed into the cash drawer 3 seconds
  • Payout speed 5 seconds
  • Acceptance speed to recycler 6 seconds
  • Capacity of the cash drawer 2,200 banknotes
  • Banknote payment into a tray
  • 3 levels of security
  • Aluminium version available

SIGMA: Peace of mind, security and design
for your business

BANKNOTES (By modules)

  • Accepts and validates all banknotes from 5 euros to 500 euros
  • Recycles and pays out 2 denominations (configurable)
  • Banknotes for exchange: up to 120 (60 + 60)
  • Input capacity: 1 at a time
  • Speed of banknote acceptance and validation: 2.3 seconds/banknote
  • Output capacity: 1 at a time
  • Banknote output speed: 1.3 seconds/banknote
  • Closed cash drawer for up to 600 banknotes, from € 5 to € 500
  • In-built or aluminium finish