About us

The idea behind CashKeeper came from a need perceived in certain sectors, especially in quick sales, surrounding typical problems in till management, balancing and closing, as well as recurring mistakes that lead to systematic tilling errors.

After a long period of incubating ideas and using our more than 20 years of expertise in the POS world as a basis, and once technology made the idea viable, in March 2011, CashKeeper was created as a commercial brand and private entity to create an output for the clear concerns regarding the daily closing of tills, providing an added bonus of security and hygiene as ideal partners in our effective management solutions.

From day one, CashKeeper has been focused on providing solutions for small and medium-sized clients who are looking for equipment adapted to their needs, whether in design, size or budget.

At CashKeeper we outline ourselves as a trusted collaborator in the most important point of any business: the till. We want to be a benchmark in cash transactions at the point of sale, providing security, time, value and tranquillity to our clients and users.

Our mission is to promote the use of cash in a trustworthy and calm environment, a frequently demonised payment method but one which guarantees a democratised and anonymous use of transactions, offering solutions with a positive environmental impact.

Against the increase of electronic payments in shops, CashKeeper can provide a solution to cash management regardless of the number of daily transactions in your establishment, whether many or few, and without fees.

While cash is a legal payment method, it must be managed.

And CashKeeper is your best partner

Our team

Alexandra Colls

Alexandra Colls


Francesc Carrascosa

Francesc Carrascosa

Director Comercial

Jordi Bayer

Jordi Bayer

Technical director

cashkeeper team

Cashkeeper team